Building Avenues of JOEE-ful Learning

Weaving compelling and enriching activities into JOEE lessons is one of the things that our volunteer teachers do best. In order to add interest and joy to their language classes, JOEE teachers get creative. They add lots of helpful visuals, plus yoga, art, acting, dancing and even incorporating building materials and potato chips into their weekly lessons.


Here are some examples of joyful JOEE-ful learning at the orphanages where we serve:


JOEE teacher, Cailee demonstrates the “Potato Chip Practice” — making the English “TH” sound, while tasting a chip is a delicious way to teach correct pronunciation. Japanese contains no “TH” sound, so this dental fricative digraph is a challenging sound for those with Japanese as their first language. “Say ‘thank-you’ three times; then eat the chip!” A yummy language-learning exercise!

JOEE教師のCaileeさんが「ポテトチップスの練習」を披露。英語の「TH」の音を出しながらポテトチップスを味わうのは、正しい発音を教えるおいしい方法です。日本語には “TH “の音がないので、日本語を母国語とする人にとって、この歯の摩擦音は難しい音なのです。”サンキュー”と3回言ってからポテチを食べると、おいしい言葉の練習になります!

This December, JOEE delivered gifts to St. Francisco Children’s Home and organized a party with fun treats and wonderful music. Thank you to members of Tokyo Union Church (a regular JOEE donor) for helping with the Christmas party! Every child in the care home was given a gift, thanks to the generous donations of families from Christian Academy in Japan who have provided gifts for the past three years and who are also great supporters of Joyful Opportunity English Education.


JOEE administrator, Hiroko, delivers gifts to St. Francisco Children’s Home after picking them up from Christian Academy in Japan.


For the lessons leading up to Christmas, at Harukaen in Chiba, another JOEE volunteer, Kristine, brought a beautiful Advent calendar to count down the days until Dec. 25th. This helped the children learn numbers and Christmas vocabulary in a beautiful, crafty and creative way.


And at the Harukaen Children’s Home, another creative JOEE teacher, Mounir, had the bright idea of having the children construct their own models of homes that they would one day like to live in. They used cardboard, wood scraps, glue and other found materials to make houses while they learned English vocabulary words like, “wall, roof, floor, door, table, chair, bed, window.” Here are some samples of their cool constructions:

また、晴香園では、もう一人のクリエイティブなJOEEの教師、モーニールさんが、子どもたちにいつか住みたい家の模型を作らせるという素晴らしいアイデアを思いつきました。段ボールや端材、接着剤など、ありあわせの材料を使って家を作りながら、”壁、屋根、床、ドア、テーブル、椅子、ベッド、窓 “といった英単語を学びました。その中からいくつか素敵な例をご紹介します:

Another Harukaen volunteer-teacher, Ray, who also teaches full-time at an international school, makes time to help at-risk children with well-planned English lessons that use bright visual helps to teach.


Many of our JOEE teachers use puppets to help teach English — lots of different animals with silly voices make learning English fun. The children also enjoy using puppets to practice their English vocabulary. Here are some teachers that help out at WakamatsuRyo in Nagoya with a few puppet friends:


A new year has begun as 2024 brings us into the “Year of the Dragon.” JOEE hopes to continue helping children to learn English, to meet friendly teachers from around the world, and to bring joy through weekly JOEE lessons. Thank you to many of you who donate to JOEE to help us continue our work. Blessings on your year!

2024年 “辰年 “を迎え、新しい年が始まりました。JOEEは、これからも子どもたちの英語学習を支援し、世界中から集まるフレンドリーな先生たちとの出会いづくりと毎週のJOEEレッスンを通して喜びを分かち合えることを願っています。JOEEの活動を続けるために寄付をしてくださる多くの皆様に感謝しています。みなさまの一年に祝福がありますように!

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