JOEE Volunteers Shine

Joyful Opportunity English Education continues to add teacher-volunteers to its ranks. We are very fortunate in having so many kind helpers who have a heart for ministering to the children in the protective care system in Japan. Currently, JOEE is operating with about 30 active volunteers. They come from all over the globe: Australia, Brazil, India, Israel, Norway, USA, Latvia, New Zealand, Serbia, and, of course, Japan.


These teachers craft their own unique and engaging lessons using the JOEE curriculum and template as a springboard. Their lessons involve singing, dancing, crafting, speaking and various language games. The variety of lessons taught is impressive.


During the month of June, JOEE taught 25 English-language lessons in various orphanages as well as online private lessons for at-risk children and youth. During July we will continue to teach classes until the summer break begins in many of the orphanages. Then the creative, active JOEE classes will resume once again at the end of August and in early September.


We are still looking for more orphanages that would like to welcome the free JOEE program into their facilities. Currently, JOEE gives classes in the following six care homes: St. Francisco Children’s Home, Kawasaki Aijien, Chofu Gakuen, Harukaen in Chiba, Yurikagoen in Odawara, and Wakamatsu Ryo in Nagoya. We have volunteers who are willing and able to offer free online one-on-one English language lessons to children who are currently in a care home or who have recently exited from a care home and are starting out their life on their own.

JOEEの無料プログラムを受け入れてくださる児童養護施設を現在も募集しています。現在、JOEEは以下の6つの児童養護施設で授業を行っています: 聖フランシスコ子供寮、川崎愛児園、調布学園、晴香園(千葉)、ゆりかご園(小田原)、若松寮(名古屋)です。現在児童養護施設に入所している子どもたちや、児童養護施設を退所して一人暮らしを始めたばかりの若者たちに、オンラインでマンツーマンの英会話レッスンを無料で提供してくれるボランティアがいます。

If you know of a children’s home that might welcome JOEE lessons, or if you would like to volunteer, please send us an email. Donations are always welcome as well. You can use the secure link to donate via Stripe. The button is located at the left. Thank you to many for your kind and generous support of JOEE.


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