Creative and Captivating JOEE Classes

ChofuGakuen volunteer teacher, Sheila W., who has children enrolled in an international school in Tokyo and has worked as a teacher for many years, kindly donated many hours planning and teaching JOEE lessons to children ages two to six. She had some creative and captivating ideas for making English language classes engaging and fun. Take a look at some of her wonderful lesson plans:


Squishy Balloon Bees

“I was given a bee puppet to use for my first class at ChofuGakuen so I decided to go all in with a bee theme in my first week. I dressed in black and yellow and wore an antennae headband. I crafted a beehive out of a cardboard box, bubblewrap and pipecleaners. Then, I made bee squishies out of small yellow balloons filled with flour. They felt like stress balls and were easy to throw and catch. I read The Honeybee by Kristen Hall and then we paired up and made our squishy bees fly and dance. We were busy, buzzing bees!”

“調布学園での最初の授業で使うために蜂の人形をもらったので、最初の週は蜂をテーマにした授業にしました。黒と黄色の服を着て、触角のカチューシャをつけました。ダンボール箱とプチプチとパイプクリーナーで蜂の巣を作りました。そして、小麦粉を入れた小さな黄色い風船で、ハチのスクイーズを作りました。ストレスボールのような感触で、投げたり捕ったりするのが簡単でした。そして、Kristen Hallの「The Honeybee」を読んでから、2人1組になって、ふにゃふにゃの蜂を飛ばしたり踊らせたりしました。私たちは忙しくブンブン飛び回るミツバチになりました!”

Star Trumpeters

“The following week, we read the book A Parade of Elephants by Kevin Henkes. This book just begs for the students to become elephants and parade around the room to practice the prepositions of up, down, in, out, over, under.  To get into character, each child decorated a cardstock finger puppet to wear as we marched through obstacles we placed around the room. When the elephants in the book trumpet at the stars, we placed a small star sticker on the trunks (finger) of our little elephants and we made a chorus of our own trumpeting sounds.”

“翌週は、ケビン・ヘンクスの「A Parade of Elephants」という本を読みました。この本は、生徒たちが象になって部屋の中を練り歩き、前置詞のup, down, in, out, over, underを練習するのにぴったりな本なのです。象に成りすますために、生徒たちは一人一人、カード用紙で指人形を作り、それを着けて、部屋中に置かれた障害物をくぐり抜けました。本の中のゾウが星に向かって鼻をトランペットのように鳴らすとき、小さな星のシールを小さなゾウの体幹(指)に貼り、自分たちのトランペットの音で合唱しました。”

Ribbon Numbers

“The third week, we started off with a rubber duck scavenger hunt where students had to seek out an assigned number that was found on the bottom of each duck. Then, we read One Leaf Rides the Wind by Celeste Davidson Mannis. In this book, the character counts different objects in her Japanese garden. With each page, each child was tasked with ‘drawing’ the number using a piece of ribbon. It was a fun and rewarding challenge!” — Sheila W.

“3週目は、まずゴム製のアヒルの借り物競争で、それぞれのアヒルの底にある番号を探し出すことから始めました。そして、Celeste Davidson Mannisの「One Leaf Rides the Wind」を読みました。この絵本では、主人公が日本庭園にあるさまざまなものを数えるのですが、子どもたちは各ページにリボンを使って数字を「描く」ことに挑戦しました。楽しくて、やりがいのあるチャレンジでした!」。” シーラ・W 

Our volunteer JOEE teachers follow the basic structure of a pre-made curriculum that begins by teaching the first 100 words that an English-language-learner (ELL) might acquire within the first year of verbal fluency. The teachers can then change and enhance the lessons with their own resources. We are blessed with very creative teachers and are so thankful to have them on our team!


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