The Joy of Giving – 与える喜び

With the help of many generous donors from two international schools in the Tokyo area, JOEE had the joy of bringing presents to all of the children residing in two large orphanages in the both the western and eastern areas of the metropolis.

東京にある二校のインター・ナショナル・スクールからの沢山の寄付によって、JOEEは首都の西と東にある二軒の児童養護施設で子供達全員にプレゼントを配る、喜ばしい時 を持ちました。

The collection of gifts began in November at the Christian Academy in Japan where the elementary division collected sets of socks, children’s books, toys and Christmas gifts for every child at St. Francisco Children’s Home. The presents were packed into large bags expertly painted and decorated for the season. Then all forty-eight bags were somehow packed into the back of a small k-car and driven to the orphanages for distribution.

11月からクリスチャン・アカデミー・イン・ジャパンで始められた寄付活動で集まった物のうち、 小学部で集められた子供の本、おもちゃ、ソックス、そしてクリスマスのプレゼントなどは、聖ヨゼフホームの子供達全員に配布されました。48個のプレゼントは、クリスマス・シーズンに合わせて綺麗に飾り付けられた大きな袋に詰められ、軽自動車の後ろにぎっしりと詰められて配布するためにその児童養護施設に運ばれました。

We were allowed into the orphanage where everyone was wearing masks for safety and the windows in a large room were kept open. Even though we could not sing out loud due to pandemic precautions, we were able to play some lively Christmas music and teach energetic dance movements which the children seemed to enjoy immensely.


A kamishibai presentation of the Christmas story followed and then the presents were handed out from the oldest to the youngest. A happy cacophony ensued as the children exclaimed with delight at their wonderful gifts. Several times, children would run up to us and exclaim, “This is exactly what I wanted! How did you know?” It was a very merry time for everyone and we stayed as long as we could.

その後で、クリスマスの紙芝居を見せて、プレゼントを年上の子供から一番年下の子供まで全員に手渡しました。プレゼンを手にした子供達は、喜びで感極まって、やかましいほど大声で叫んでいました。子供達は何回も私達の方に走り寄り、「これが、欲しかった物だよ! どうして僕が欲しい物を知っていたの?」と叫んでいました。 皆にとって、本当に楽しい時間を過ごしました。そして私達も時間が許される限り子供達と一緒に楽しみました。

A second orphanage, Nozomi no Ie, was eager to receive gifts at Christmas even though no outsiders could be permitted to enter the facility. With the help of more donations from CAJ and staff from The American School in Japan eagerly helping out as well, we were able to bring gifts for every child in that orphanage as well. West Tokyo Union Church in Mitaka delivered the gifts on the Sunday before Christmas and sang carols outside in the courtyard.


When people work together towards a positive goal, magical things happen. JOEE would like to thank all of the donors who generously gave to bring a Merry Christmas to the children of two homes in Tokyo who will hopefully be looking forward to a bright future and a Happy New Year.


Warm wishes for a good New Year!


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